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Pretty irritated

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Nov. 5th, 2010 | 09:53 pm
location: Jacksonville
mood: aggravated aggravated

I know it's been ages since I updated my LJ honestly it's not really something I keep up with anymore, I still read others, and communities but mine has just sort of fallen into neglect.

On the plus side Tim finally proposed, so I'm happily engaged now, on down side, I cannot stand where we live and our living situation. Due to a city-wide ban on not allowing German Shepherd's in rental properties in Jacksonville, we've been living with my parents. For over a year now. Frankly I just can't deal with this anymore, they act worse than teenagers. They are the most passive aggressive people I have ever dealt with, and I can't figure out where this is coming from, they've never been like this before.

The main issues are my dog, their dishes, and their disregard for either Tim or myself.

The main problem with my dog vs my parents, is despite the fact Jaeger is in NO way aggressive, my Mother treats him like he is, she cannot separate that my late abused Shepherd Mix Duke is NOT Jaeger. However, she treats Jaeger like he is Duke, going so far as when she's drunk (which I should point out is a NIGHTLY event) she'll refer to Jaeger as Duke, which as I'm sure most of you can relate is not only incredibly painful emotionally, but just down right unnecessary. So anytime he tries to play with Fuzzy, their Golden Retriever whom Jaeger grew up with, she shrieks at the top of her lungs and pulls Fuzzy away from him. She also shrieks at him anytime he comes near her, so she gets so confused as to why Jaeger has started growling at her anytime she comes near the room Tim, myself and the dog share. It's utterly ridiculous.

On the other side of the problem with my parents and my dog, is my father LOVES Jaeger, and you would think that wouldn't be a problem, except he NEVER disciplines Jaeger, so as a result, Jaeger now begs for food at the table, something he NEVER did before. He also has a blatant disregard for Jaeger's food allergies, and I've caught him on more than one occasion giving Jaeger beef, to which he is highly allergic. So I reprimanded my Father for it, his response, "But he's such a good dog, surely giving him beef once and a while is ok?" NO it's NOT! He gets an awful rash on his stomach that develops into a staff infection and causes massive hair loss. He also barks at the drop of a hat now, granted he's always been a very vocal dog, but Tim and I managed to get him to the point where he recognized the sound of our car and wouldn't bark when either of us got home, this is no longer the case. My parents were robbed about two years ago, they took all of my Mother's jewelry (which she still blames on me and Jaeger for not living here at the time) so this is to blame for why my Father has encouraged him to bark so extensively. It's just very frustrating to see everything I've worked so hard to teach my dog not to do go out the window.

They both also have no regard for his schedule, yes it's a little silly to have a dog on a set schedule but Tim and I are night people and always have been, so he was used to getting fed at 2 pm and 2 am, that pretty much immediately changed when we moved down here. They insisted it was no trouble for them to feed Jaeger when they fed Fuzzy, and that they'd be happy to take him out. Which gets me started on a whole new issue with my Mother, she used to take Jaeger out but he's too "strong" for him, and yes, he does pull, the whole 'heal' thing never caught on with him, but instead of trying to restrain the dog, she just let him go. It got to a point where he would dart across streets to see other dogs, which is another thing he has never done before coming here. I want to point out again he is NOT aggressive, but he does have a loud bark, and my folks live in a seniors community where 90% of the people have a yorkie or a chihuahua so having a German Shepherd coming running out of nowhere to see their dog is basically a catastrophe. This situation has finally been solved by me forbidding her to take him out, and that if she did I would never talk to her again as long as she lived. Thankfully she got the picture, but she still doesn't realize why it's a bad thing that she let the dog go in the first place. I find it endlessly frustrating that they can't just leave him alone and let him follow his original schedule of Tim and I feeding him at our convenience and taking him out when he NEEDS to go, not every 2 God damn hours.

That's enough ranting about the dog, now on to the dish situation, they go through dishes like water. Easily using 5-8 plates a meal for TWO people, 3-4 pots and pans, and pretty much the ENTIRE utensil drawer and they can hardly ever be fucked to do their own god damn dishes! It'd be one thing if Mom cooked us all dinner and Tim and I would do the dishes that would be fine, but I would rather starve than eat the swill that woman tries to pass as food. Not to mention they eat while Tim and I are at work. So you can see how I'd be perpetually pissed coming home to a mountain of dirty dishes, trying to make dinner, then having to do all their fucking dishes on top of my own. 99% of the time Tim does the dishes, which I appreciate endlessly because I hate doing them, but for fucks sake can't they take care of themselves? My mother also refuses to unload the dishwasher and will go as so far as adding more dishes to it, so she can just rerun it. The real raw end of this deal is once and a while Tim and I will be fed up with all this shit, and we have to be up early for work like the one day I worked 6am-3pm and he was 10am-10pm, and we still got chewed out for not doing the minuscule amount of dishes left in the sink. It's just down right bullshit. I am not their fucking maid and neither is Tim.

This dish dilemma leads into the real problem with them, 90% of the time I work 2pm-11pm and Tim works his first job (an online social networking job) from anywhere from 10am or 1pm to when he leaves for his second job a restaurant job around 5pm to 11pm, so obviously we don't sleep until around 3 am and usually wake up around 10 am or 12pm if I'm feeling greedy. So, we make dinner around 11:30pm or 12am and we go out of our way to be as quiet as possible to not disturb them, because my Dad wakes up at 6am everyday, and Mom around 9am, they go to bed no later than 10pm, so we try and be courteous. This courteous is NOT returned. The are LOUD almost every fucking day, and when I've confronted them about it they tell me I sleep too late... I WORK FUCKING NIGHTS! Do they expect me to wake up at 6am like them and STILL work nights?! I would be a zombie! It's just so unbelievably frustrating, I feel like I rarely get a decent night's sleep, it's gotten to the point where I can't sleep in the morning without taking Tylenol PM the night before. I just can't believe anyone can be so inconsiderate of other people. Dad 90% of the time is quiet, Mom on the other hand I think she likes to be as loud as possible, she's started running laundry everyday at 9am and my room shares a wall with the laundry room and the fucking garage.

I'm just really miserable here and don't really have any other options, except and keep your fingers crossed, one of my co-workers moonlights as a real estate agent, and she's found us apparently two apartments that will allow a German Shepherd, one we think we can afford, one that's a little too outside of our price range. I really hate having to stay in Jacksonville, but we don't have enough money to just pick up and move somewhere else without having jobs, and here we at least have that, grated being a Customer Service Staff (yea it's a separate thing from cashier, I pretty much answer the telephone, sell lotto tickets, Western Unions and Money Orders and page baggers when they go missing, livin' the dream) at a grocery store is really glamorous but $9.00 an hour is better than $0.

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