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kinda update?

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Jul. 29th, 2009 | 12:46 am

Down in Florida, have been to most of my appointments, not great news, but not awful I guess. Still don't know if I need my valve repaired or replaced, I'm hoping for repaired. Either way there is a 5% chance I will die. If I need it replaced it's a choice between a mechanical valve (that will last forever, but I need to take a blood thinner of the rest of my life) or a pig valve (that doesn't need a blood thinner, but will wear out and need to be replaced between 10-20 years) to me, there is no decision, mechanical it is. Downside again, I might need to have a pacemaker... again, I feel like I'm back at square fucking one again. There's no yes or no now whether I need it repaired or replaced, or that I would need the pacemaker, either way I'm not really happy, and scared kinda shitless. :( Bleh, I'm going back to drinking before I make myself too depressed.

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