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Blue Velvet 綺麗なまま忘れたい君は死の海を渡り

Blue Velvet綺麗だから触れれば触れるほどこの胸を怖し

12 April 1984
I REALLY need to keep this more current. lol Let's see to start things off my former LJ was Mmyukifan, but thanks to some lovely troll who doesn't like my opinions on life, I've changed it to Tomoka0013 and made it friends only, kinda lol. (PS just comment on any non-friend only journal if you wanna be added)I just graduated college and finally got my diploma in the mail. I majored in Asian Studies (pointless!) and minored in History (even more pointless!) Which was useless because I want to do something more creative and hands on like baking/cake decorating/prep-cooking/make-up or hair or something fun or own a cafe or something because I absolutely love to cook, and totally landed my man by cooking for him, well that and my killer rack and awesome moves in the bedroom ^.~ Though currently I'm still trapped in school as it's the only way I don't have to move to Florida w/ my parents... in a gated 55+ community, just kill me now!I'm looking forward to hopefully doing some traveling soon (I miss my Lindsay! and she's in Japan now) and hopefully getting married sometime ::nudges Tim not so gently::. As previously alluded to I have a wonderful boyfriend named Tim, and he's basically everything I could want and more. :3 Needless to say he makes me very happy, and it doesn't hurt that he's a-amazingly hot. :3 My latest obsessions include just about anything to do with Dir en Grey (again I know lol), Kyo and Kaoru, and of course Kaoru f**king Kyo :D Emo boys, wraiths (specifically Noob-Saibot ((Mortal Kombat)) and Nazguls ((Lord of the Rings)) and especially my darling <3 <3 Witch-King of Angmar <3 <3 and most recently the Dahaka ((Prince of Persia)) *rawr*) rediscovering anything and everything I miss about my childhood (growing up SUCKS, but rebuying My Little Ponys on E-bay? Pricless.), and playing mindless hours of video games: favorites include Wizards and Warriors, almost every Mortal Kombat Disgaea 1 & 3 (2 sucked ass), Kingdom Hearts I and II... and prolly a billion others I can't remember, I'm sure there's more, but at the moment that's all I can come up with, and more recently whomping things in Mabinogi. I really enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons, getting drunk off my ass to the point I think it's my duty to make out with my best friends to tease boys, and vomiting in bathtubs for several hours (not fun...) throwing parties/going to parties, dancing obscenely, I love the word 'fuck', I wish I still smoked, I'm totally in love with Tim, I love my friends so much they're so awesome, and I miss them sooooo sooo much my two best friends in the world moved overseas one to England (Mandy) the other to Japan (Lindsay) I gotta find somewhere in between! Did I mention emo boys are hawt? XD As long as they keep their mouths shut, or have something in it!
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