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Jun. 2nd, 2009 | 04:16 pm

Sorry I keep neglecting LJ, but Twitter is so much easier. x.x So ok, 12 years too late, but finally played/watched Tim play Final Fantasy VII, I can understand why so many people have been obsessed with it for the last 12 years. XD Then we watched Advent Children afterward, I can't even begin to tell you how much more sense that makes after seeing the game. LOL The downside of finally catching up w/ gaming lol I've become a hopeless Rufus, Cloud and Kadaj fangirl, *sigh* it's my curse, I love pretty boys. :( Don't get me wrong, Sephiroth is hot and all, but I don't go for long haired guys, Kadaj is even pushing it a bit for my tastes. In more gaming news, I had ridiculously good timing this afternoon, and woke up like 5 mins before G4's coverage of E3's Sony presentation started. XD This makes for a very happy Kris, 2 1/2 hours of hot, hot gaming action, very nice way to start the day! Super excited about Tekken 6 (lol obviously) and God of War III (OMG it looks so good, but SO gruesome!) There were plenty of other titles that piqued my interest, such as The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XIII, but I was really REALLY disappointed to see nothing about FFXIII Versus (*pauses to drool* mmm Noctis...) or any new Kingdom Hearts (mmm Roxas XD) info :( Also is it just me, or does Assasin's Creed II look really, REALLY lame?? I mean Leonardo DiVinci is like your effin' weapon upgrader and crap, ugh I guess I'm a little bias, I didn't like the first one, so why would I like the second I guess? In AC's defense I never finished the first one, also kinda disappointed that there was nothing about a new Prince of Persia, oh well what can ya do? I can't expect perfection. After Sony was done I changed the channel LOL I don't have a Xbox (and probably never will) and don't own a Wii (contemplated, but decided it was a little too expensive to use for like 2 games) so I didn't really care about the other releases, though maybe I should see if I've missed Nintendo or not, like to see if there's any word about 358/2 Day's release in the states. Wow, this got longer than I wanted, ok done nerding out now, if you wanna keep up w/ me more consistently, get a twitter =P again twitter.com/tomoka0013 is me, now officially done w/ this post.

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